Dixie Pearl II

Choctaw Choc Of Soonerpuppy
Shiloh Of Soonerpuppy

Gender: Female

DOB: 24 September 2020

Call name: Dixie

Dixie Pearl is our sweet, cuddly wild child. She is very quiet and talks with her facial expressions. She loves to play with balls, retrieve, search and climb mounds. Her tracking instinct is strong and she enjoys every minute of it. She will spend hours outside by her self but if you are outside with her, she will be right by your side helping you with whatever task you are doing. Once she's done with her adventures, she wants someone to cuddle with, it doesn't matter if its another animal or human. She has a look she gives when she is ready to cuddle and patiently waits for you to call her on the couch. She loves to play but also enjoys lounging around the house with her people. Dixie is very smart, easy to train and eager to please.

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