Bella Mae IX

Choctaw Choc Of Soonerpuppy
Yas Takoda Of Soonerpuppy

Gender: Female

DOB: 17 February 2020

Call name: Bella

Owner: Derek Hillman

Handler: Derek Hillman

  • AKC reg # SS16975605
  • OFA Health Clearances
  • CHIC # 172344
  • OFA hips GR-136683G25F-C-NOPI
  • OFA elbows GR-EL56318F25-C-NOPI
  • OFA eyes EYE27589/27F-VPI
  • OFA heart GR-ACA8241/28F-VPI
  • GR_PRA1 Clear Animal Genetics
  • GR_PRA2 Clear Animal Genetics
  • GR_NCL Clear Animal Genetics
  • PRCD_PRA Clear Animal Genetics
  • DM Clear Animal Genetics
  • MD Clear Animal Genetics

Bella has a great temperament. She is happy to meet/greet anyone and anything. She is an absolute joy to have around. She is calm yet she can go all day long and never tire. Shes happy lounging on the couch, going for a walk, playing with the other dogs or training. She is very athletic and quick and loves to show off her skills. She also likes to follow you from room to room and lay by your feet every time you stop. Bella is a very gentle dog. Whether you are taking something from her or she's playing with a human or she's following the kids around, she always make sure to do everything very softly as to not hurt anyone.

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